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The Goodwill Campaign

In 1991, H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal launched the Goodwill Campaign (GWC) in response to the political, economic and social conditions that Jordan faced, as a result of the Gulf War. The GWC has run continuously since then, and its programmes aim to respond the needs of families and individuals identified through JOHUD’s national outreach.

Since 2001, the GWC has expanded its remit to include a number of non-emergency developmental programmes to address poverty and unemployment, while continuing to provide emergency assistance to the most vulnerable.

In 1978, the Grand Mufti of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan issued a fatwa authorizing the donation of some of the Zakat funds to the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development- The Goodwill Campaign, to be distributed in accordance with the provisions of this fatwa.

JOHUD is especially grateful to the following national partners:

  • Association of Banks in Jordan
  • Jordan Insurance Federation
  • Jordan Medical Association
  • Jordanian Pharmacists Association
  • Private Hospitals Association
  • Jordan Investment Commission

  • Jordan Chamber of Commerce
  • Amman Chamber of industry
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Public Universities
  • Private Universities
  • Jordan Engineers Association

  • Jordanian Construction Contractors Association
  • Jordan Housing Developers Association
  • Jordan Industrial Estates Company
  • Jordan Exchange Association

• Academic and Vocational Qualifications

The GWC has been providing academic assistance and training for undergraduate students to prepare them for the job market. The GWC offers scholarships to outstanding students who could otherwise not afford to continue their education, focusing on areas of study that are in-demand in the labour market. In addition, the GWC provides vocational training for young people who did not graduate from high school.

• Medical Assistance

JOHUD’s GWC provides medical assistance to uninsured individuals in underserved areas through free primary healthcare, life-saving operations, and distributing medical devices and supplies. In 2020, 6380 people received medical assistance.

• Emergency Assistance

The GWC has been delivering basic supplies to some of Jordan’s poorest families. This support includes food parcels, school supplies, clothes and winter supplies.

• Improved Shelter

This programme aims to provide home maintenance, restoration and basic necessities such as furniture and appliances to those living in substandard or dangerous accommodation.

• Supporting Small Businesses

The GWC expanded its efforts to improve living standards for poor families by helping them establish small revenue-generating projects, focusing on women in particular, in rural or underserved communities.

Jordan, like so many countries across the world, is fighting to contain the Coronavirus and keep its people safe. The government’s lockdown has been effective in stopping its spread here in Jordan but we must protect the poorest and most vulnerable from the inevitable economic effects of a crisis like this. We are already seeing, for example, the impact on poor areas that rely on tourism.

Many families have seen their livelihoods or the services they rely on disappear. The government and charitable organizations are working hard to help but they are hugely overstretched. JOHUD’s Goodwill Family Relief Fund will help those who are not currently receiving any support to manage through the Coronavirus crisis and to stand on their own two feet once it has passed.

JOHUD has extensive experience providing emergency relief through its annual Goodwill Campaign. Our experience has shown us that the following categories of support are most effective in mitigating the short-term effects of a crisis and helping people recover and reach self-sufficiency in the longer-term.

• Emergency aid vouchers

For families in desperate need, especially those without one or both parents or those caring for children with special needs, providing food and other basic necessities can seem like an overwhelming struggle. The Relief Fund will provide vouchers to help these families buy food and other basic necessities.

We have experience with the voucher system and know that when it is well organised and monitored it can be a very effective way to lend struggling families a hand, while treating them with respect and dignity.

• Vital medical support

Through the Goodwill Campaign, we have years of experience working with Jordan’s esteemed medical community, volunteers and pharmaceutical companies to provide life-saving medical interventions to people who don’t have insurance and could not otherwise receive treatment. The current situation is placing an additional strain on the healthcare system, meaning many more people are unable to access the medical care they need.

With your support, we hope to continue to identify and treat the most extreme and urgent cases that cannot wait.

We have already received messages from people who cannot get the medicines that they need, or sanitary products for babies and old people. We will try to ensure that such medicines reach them.

• Assistance establishing home-based businesses

A small amount of seed money can allow people to sustain an agricultural project or establish or grow small enterprises, such as a sewing or cattle farming business. With the national supply chain currently heavily disrupted, these small local producers will play a vital role in feeding and supplying our communities, while generating enough revenue to see them through the difficult times ahead.

• Improved shelter

Our network of Community Development Centres around the country, in partnership with Jordan Engineers Association, has already identified those living in unbearable or unsafe housing conditions, for example homes with leaking roofs, no electricity or inadequate sanitation. When the situation allows, we want to be ready to begin to repair those dwellings, especially those putting children at health and safety risks.

The Fund will target families from every governorate outside Amman, who do not have social security or health insurance and are not currently receiving any other support. The Fund will focus underserved groups, specifically:

• Abandoned families
• Widows
• Orphaned children
• Those with disabilities or chronic illnesses that prevent them from work, and families with children with special needs

If you wish to apply for help, please follow this link to find contact details for your nearest Community Development Centre. The CDCs are identifying those in need, so please highlight your situation to them.


JOHUD has an outstanding track record of good governance, transparency, accountability and effectiveness. The charity has committed to provide regular updates on the numbers of families that this fund has reached, and the type of assistance provided. The GWC is audited and reports are given regularly to the higher committee to insure transparency and accountability.

The GWC Higher Committee, headed by H.R.H. Princess Basma bint Talal, includes:

• H.E. Mr. Musa Shehada
Banking sector

• H.E. Mr. Ayman Hahtat
Industrial sector

• H.E. Dr. Nayef Al-Abdullat
Medical sector

• Eng. Abdul Rahim Al-Bukai

• H.E. Mr. Maher Al-Hussein
Insurance Sector

• H.E. Eng. Badi Al-Rafayaa
Engineering Sector

• Mr. Iyad Hawari

• Dr. Haitham Abu Khadija

• H.E. Al Haj Muhammad Abu Sufa

• H.E. Hajj Ayoub Khamis

Goodwill Campaign Partners and Donors

JOHUD is especially grateful to the following national partners
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