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Community Governance and Participation

Community Centre Directors are respected community leaders and mobilisers

Community Development Centres (CDCs)

At JOHUD we believe that sustainable community well-being requires the full participation and leadership of communities and all those living within them, as well as responsive and accountable institutions with people-centred policies. Through our extensive social networks throughout Jordan, the physical reach of 51 community centres and all JOHUD's institutional entities, we aim to further develop a national platform for effective civic engagement.

Our strategic vision is rooted in community participation, aiming to promote community well-being through dialogue, networking, multi-agency co-operation, information exchange, capacity building, policy/ service analysis and reform. We believe that social inclusion and good governance go hand in hand. In order for national development to be sustainable and for people to thrive, communities must play a central role. Our network of locations across the country and our teams of staff and volunteers drawn from each local area, enable us to sit at the heart of community development efforts. We also work alongside a wider range of stakeholders, from local government and the public sector to the NGO and international community, to academia and research institutions and increasingly to the private sector.

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JOHUD’s unique network of 51 centres bring together local communities throughout the year

Regional Councils

In 2019, JOHUD launched its own regional councils, devolving financial, administrative and operational responsibilities to regional centres and communities, volunteers and local groups. This means that local actors set priorities, plan, budget, fundraise and manage programmes, with some technical, financial and administrative support and cooperation from JOHUD’s central management. 

These Regional Councils are essential to JOHUD’s work throughout the country and also present a valuable opportunity for young people, women, and civil society to engage with local politics and development processes. Our extensive community platform not only covers a large part of the Kingdom, but is crucially managed and informed by local communities and needs, through voluntary groups such as Women’s Committees, Neighbourhood Committees and Youth Committees, as well as the local managers and field staff who oversee JOHUD’s centres.

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Women’s committees have been a driving force behind JOHUD for 45 years

JOHUD’s Pioneering Women’s Committees

Since our establishment in 1977, these committees have played a critical role in our work, mobilising generations of Jordanian women across the country. As well as working with JOHUD to help their local communities, they form a powerful voice at the national level, and we work closely with the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) to ensure women’s voices are heard. Over the years, Women’s Committee members have become respected activists, leaders, municipal council members, mayors and members of Parliament.

To join a committee all you need to do is go to your nearest CDC and sign up. We’d love to have you on board.

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Youth Committees member

Youth Committees

Our Youth Committees extend throughout the country, bringing together thousands of volunteers, many of whom participate in elections to become locally and nationally recognised leaders and activists, and a large number of whom are young women. The Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre, established more than twenty years ago, is a unique and renowned space for youth mobilisation, debate, IT and advocacy. Through a range of projects and activities it manages throughout our CDC network, JOHUD promotes job creation and employment for young people and women in particular.

Our Employability Offices and Digital Centres offer training and networking opportunities to job seekers and job providers , in manufacturing, IT, hospitality as well as home businesses. We also provide access to credit for small and medium business start-ups and encourage non-traditional sectors for women such as plumbing, maintenance and electrical work.

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Princess Basma Award for Development

The Award recognises those who have made outstanding contributions to their communities and is presented annually to individuals, organisations and initiatives whose leadership, voluntary work, and innovation around the country has made a positive impact. 

Past Winners of Princess Basma Award include:

Dr Munir Fasheh and Al Mujawarah


Good Neighbouring and Collective Action.



Promoting positive social impact through collaborative art young architects, artists and youth.

Martha Edu


This enterprise aims to support deaf children, aged 2-5 years old.

Thaat-Al-Nitaqain Women Charitable Association


A social enterprise that aims to reduce energy bills for low-income homes.

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