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Goodwill, private hospitals provide 33 free surgeries for underprivileged patients

01 ,Apr 2020

Om Saud had never thought that her two sons, who suffer from bow legs and knock knees, will be able to walk normally again.

Om Saud's nine-member family has to make do with a limited income, as her husband's illness prevents him from working, however, her 15- and 18-year-old sons Mohammad and Ahmad have recently received free-of-charge surgeries to treat their condition.

For 17-year-old Bashar Ayman, an iontophoresis cross-linking surgery — also free of charge — has saved him from losing his sight, and his doctor believes that there is yet hope it will further improve.

The young men are among 33 cases that received free-of-charge surgeries in private hospitals as part of the Goodwill Campaign launched by the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) in cooperation with several private hospitals with the aim of providing medical care for underprivileged families from various governorates across the Kingdom.

"It takes a few minutes to visit the patients and see their happiness with the successful surgeries they underwent, but behind the scenes, there are several doctors and nurses who have dedicated great efforts and so much of their time to make it happen," HRH Princess Basma, president of the Goodwill Campaign higher committee, said on Monday.

During her tour to the three hospitals where beneficiaries received their treatment, Princess Basma checked on their health and was briefed on their condition by the doctors who performed the surgeries.

Under the partnership between the campaign and private hospitals, 11 patients received urgently needed surgeries at the Islamic Hospital, ten at the Middle East Eye Hospital and 12 at the Specialty Hospital, according to JOHUD.

For Othman Al Abbadi, an ophthalmologist at the Islamic Hospital, "taking part in the campaign reflects our noble mission as doctors, in addition to the fact that drawing a smile on a patient's face and being a reason for changing their life is certainly priceless".

"Underprivileged families are already overburdened with basic life necessities, so by providing them with free treatment, we do not only help them regain a healthy and normal life, but also save their money for the more urging life necessities," Abbadi added.

Seven-year-old Dina Khader, who thanks to the surgery she underwent will be able to use her hand again, was among several children who received toy gifts from Princess Basma during the tour.

Princess Basma expressed her appreciation to the participating hospitals, which she said have contributed to the success of the initiative, reiterating the importance of joint efforts to support the campaign in its mission towards alleviating the suffering of the underprivileged.

During the tour, Princess Basma also signed an agreement for cooperation with the Middle East Eye Hospital.

The National Goodwill Campaign, first launched by JOHUD in 1991, has served numerous needy families and has grown over the years to become synonymous with support for the poor and marginalised, according to JOHUD.

In cooperation with the private sector, the campaign has enabled families in need to benefit from vital services by providing health and education assistance as well as income-generating projects.

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