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JOHUD officially launches the Ramadan 2021 Goodwill Family Relief Fund

14 ,Apr 2021


In line with the commencement of the Holy Month of Ramadan, The Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) announces the kick-off of the second year of the Goodwill Family Relief Fund (GFRF). As a response to the dire financial situation of hundreds of Jordanian families that have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the GFRF aims to provide support to those in most need which include abandoned families, as well families of widowed women and orphan children as well as those families who rely on daily income generating jobs that have been most affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Executive Director of JOHUD Ms. Farah Al-Dagestani, said that this year the GFRF aims to reach approximately 3,000 families in various governorates of the Kingdom, to provide the necessary assistance to them, including parcels of food supplies, medical aid, sterilizers, and health materials as well as Eid clothes for those in most need. Al-Daghestani explained that the fund will work to achieve its goals through the use of prepaid bank cards charged with funds from direct donations incurred, enabling benefiting families to secure their needs of basic materials, and pay water and electricity bills as they see most fit.

In addition, all donations made to the GFRF as Zakat funds will be directed to finance the establishment of home-based small businesses including breeding and selling sheep and poultry products, establishing honey apiaries, as well as bread and sweets production, and selling clothes and household and sanitary items. The GFRF also aims to provide medical assistance and support the medical sector through creating strategic partnerships with private medical entities with the aim of conducting emergency and necessary medical and surgical interventions and providing medicine and medical supplies.

JOHUD continues to implement its charitable initiatives through the network of 51 centers spread across all governorates of the Kingdom and based on the accumulated experiences gained since its establishment in 1977, in addition to the meaningful partnerships that link it with various national institutions, within a framework of responsibility and transparency that ensure that all aid reaches its beneficiaries. It is noted that the supreme committee for the Goodwill Campaign includes an assembly of highly experienced philanthropists manage and fully supervise the GFRF campaign, ensuring accessibility to those in most needs in alignment with the Goodwill Campaign’s overall strategic objectives.

Donations to the Goodwill Family Relief Fund shall be deposited into: Islamic Bank/ Shmeisani branch under the account number (0020025000410400015) (Swift Code) JIBAJOAMXXX, and International Account No.: (JO96JIBA0020000025000410400015), through E-Fawateercom service, or through the direct donation link

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